Web Development

I have been developing websites and web application from past 3 years and have excellent experience over web.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application development has been our best service till date. It is one the best source in exploring business in the market.

Social Media Applications

Social Media is the best place for communicating with the viewers and followers for promoting brands and improving the quality of products.


  • Jigar Patel

    I like developing websites, social media applications, desktop applications and mobile applications. I have completed my Master Of Science in Information Technology, Currently working as Freelancer. I am passionate about development as it the base for where every application or website.


In the world of Information Technology skills needs to be updated as time passes. Few of my skills are charted below.








Few of the works I have done till date are listed below.


Blogging is a medium to share your thoughts, experience and support others in getting the exact answer to what they want. So i too do blogging.
Sep 1
Sep 1

Chrome Planning To Remove HTTP In Future

Today’s technological advancement in the world has tremendous security issues,  the biggest concern about the web security is user’s data. Chrome indicates HTTP & HTTPS connection of the website with an icon in the address bar. HTTP doesn’t mean that the website is not secure but it means that someone can look at or modify the […]

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Jigar Patel
Feb 5
Feb 5

Animating Div Tag Using JQuery

Add the below script tag in your head tag <script src=””></script> Animate from top HTML<div class=”top”> content goes here… </div> CSS<style> .top { top: -50px; padding-right: 0px; opacity: 0; position: relative; } </style> JQuery<script> $(‘.top’).each(function() { $(this).appear(function() { $(this).delay(150).animate({ opacity : 1, top : “0px” }, 1000); }); }); </script> Animate from bottom HTML<div class=”bottom”> […]

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